Loitering and Prostitution

Prostitution is illegal in Ohio. A person who attempts to engage a prostitute may be charged with solicitation or prostitution. A prostitute may be charged with either solicitation, loitering or prostitution. Most of these cases are charged as third degree misdemeanors in Ohio. These offenses can carry jail time and significant fines. Additionally, a conviction can carry a stigma and follow you. There are defenses to these cases. At some times a person approaches a prostitute to help without knowing that he or she is a prostitute. An officer who observes the exchange may not know this. Additionally, there is a possibility that there are suppressible issues where certain evidence or statements must be excluded.

Our attorneys have represented numerous people charged with prostitution related offenses, representing those charged with being a prostitute and those who are charged with being the client. We can identify potential issues and discuss your defenses that you have available. We can work towards having the charges dismissed or reduced, and if that doesn’t work we are more than capable of trying the case for you.

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