Business Litigation

If you have found yourself in a dispute, or if you wish to avoid finding yourself in that situation it is a good idea to consult with an experienced attorney who can advise you on how to handle some of the trickier matters. Your business can directly impact your individual livelihood if you are not careful. Our attorneys can help you to structure your business to shield you from individual liability, and if you find yourself in litigation we can help you to protect your business and your individual assets.

Our attorneys have experience in resolving business disputes, advising clients in the Miami Valley who own and operate small to mid-size businesses and litigating disputes over properties worth several million dollars. It is our style to be accessible to our clients and to promptly give good, sound and solid advice. Being litigators our attorneys know how to prepare for trial, but they have generally been successful in resolving the matters short of trial. They are willing to take the time needed to explain a good strategy for successfully handling any disputes and also discussing ways to avoid future problems.