Child Support Hearings

Child support determinations can have a tremendous impact on a parent’s life and a child’s life. In Ohio there are guidelines that establish the support order based on the parents’ collective income, the custodial situation, daycare expense, healthcare expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses. An effective attorney will be able to obtain a favorable outcome in either modifying or establishing support based on actual income.

There are times a parent is willfully or voluntarily unemployed or underemployed and a fair support order has not taken this into account. Similarly, there are times when a court uses income information that is outdated and you are paying too much based on economic factors that have changed through no fault or your own. An experienced attorney will be able to negotiate or effectively argue for changes in the order based on any of these circumstances.

The attorneys at Deal & Hooks have experience in establishing, modifying and challenging support orders. We have appeared in Montgomery County, Clark County, Miami County, Warren County, Greene County and Butler County for these types of cases. We also have experience in dealing with cases where a person is brought to court for failing to pay child support pursuant to the court order. If you think you are paying too much, or the other parent is not paying what they should be you should contact us to set up a time to discuss your options.