Red Light- Stop Signs – Do You Come To A Stop?

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Red Light- Stop Signs – Do You Come To A Stop?

You might think that rushing through a red light just as it turns red, or not stopping at a stop sign if you think the road ahead is clear, are minor issues, but the state of Texas thinks otherwise. Until 2019 you could be ticketed for running a red light in two different scenarios – a traffic officer witnessing you running the red light or a red light camera catching the violation.

However, in June 2019, new laws went into effect prohibiting the use of red-light cameras, otherwise known as photographic traffic signals. The ban included an exception for just a few cities. The exception, known as a grandfather clause, would allow cities with current contracts with private camera companies to finish those contracts before turning their cameras off for good. The only four cities in Texas that are still operating the red light cameras are Balcones Heights, Leon Valley, Humble, and Amarillo.

Red light tickets can also be given out by a police officer who sees you going through a red light. This ticket will be given to you personally, whether you were the owner or not. If you run a red light in the state of Texas and are stopped by a police officer, then you will likely have to pay a fine. The amount you will have to pay depends on where you were stopped. The fines usually range from $150 to $250. The infraction is also considered a criminal offense and a moving violation will be added to your driving record and could cause your insurance rates to increase.


Stop Sign Violations
It’s easy to do. All it takes is to cruise up to an intersection or pedestrian crossing where there is a stop sign and you take the risk and don’t stop. There’s nothing there or so you think. Then you get landed with a stop sign violation ticket. These are like red light tickets and attract the same sort of penalties.

Moving Traffic Violations are Accumulative
You won’t lose your license for a single red light ticket or stop sign violation directly. However, any driver who commits four moving violations in a 12-month period, or seven moving violations in a 24-month period will have their license suspended immediately.

Should you Use an Attorney? Losing your license could be a worse inconvenience than paying a fine, so you should think carefully before you send in a guilty plea and pay the money when you receive either of these two tickets. Although many people’s first thought is that it might be cheaper to pay a fine than pay an attorney’s fee, this might not be the case if you lose your license. It all depends on whether you need your vehicle for your job, or even to get to a job. Even if the violation has left you short of the four moving violations needed for a license suspension, it will put you close enough to get one next time you get a ticket. The other point to think about is whether your ticket has any effect on your next insurance installment. You can find this out from your insurance company. When you add up the fine, the increased insurance premium, and the possibility of a license suspension, it makes an attorney’s fee a lot more attractive proposition. By pleading not guilty, it puts pressure on the prosecution to find you guilty. With any luck, the police officer who issued you the ticket might not come to the court appearance, or with the help of a traffic violation attorney, you can plea bargain your charge down to a lesser offense and not pick up another moving violation or pay a smaller fine.

Personal Injury Law – Accident Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Law – Accident Injury Attorneys

Have you had an injury due to someone else being reckless? Are you unable to work and pay your bills? If these statements are true, then you may have a personal injury lawsuit. This article will explain the process to you.

Be sure you clearly document your injuries in thorough detail after you have been hurt. Whether you have a minor injury or a major one, you will need to explain the issues in great detail. Remember to include the issues that arise later on. Additionally, if you seem to be stressed after an accident, you may be suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Personal Injury
Ask friends and family for personal injury and accident attorney referrals. This will help you find a personal injury lawyer worthy of your case. You owe it to yourself to get the very best personal injury and auto accident attorney you can find.

Many lawyers use flashy advertisements to mask their inability to win cases. In addition to the ads in bad taste, it is hard to see the real personal injury or motorcycle accident attorney just from a TV ad. Always have a face to face meeting before hiring a personal injury lawyer in.personal injury lawyers

Be sure to ask your personal injury and accident lawyer any question you can think of at your first meeting. This includes questions on how long it will take to try your case, what you should expect during the trial, and any issues that may arise during the lawsuit. You’ll want this process to become as comfortable as possible, so be sure to ask plenty of questions.

Do not hesitate to get legal representation after you have been injured. Be aware of any deadlines pursuant to the filing of your case. Talk to a personal injury lawyer in right away.

Bring all your documents when you are going to your consultation meetings with various lawyers. Any documents issued by the police in relation to your accident are essential. All these documents can help your prospective personal injury attorney get a good idea of what your case will look like and if they can take it on.

Personal Injury
If you are hurt in a car wreck or at your place of employment, you must hire a personal injury attorney right away. Time is important with this kind of suit. As soon as you hire your personal injury lawyer, he can begin to gather the information he needs to make your case.

When meeting with a personal injury lawyer for the first time, ask about their experience with similar cases. This can help determine their effectiveness. If you discover that this personal injury or accident attorney handles your types of cases often, then this person will likely be an excellent pick for you.

You should always prepare yourself prior to speaking with your personal injury lawyer. This is quite important in the event your personal injury lawyer in is working on contingency. If you lose the case, the personal injury attorney will not make any money, so try to make a good first impression. Practice your case ahead of time, and be sure to have all the paperwork you need.

Personal Injury
Speak with a local personal injury attorney and see if they have any referrals. This can give you information about previous cases and the attorney’s character. If your potential personal injury or accident injury lawyer refuses to give references, then that might be a sign that something is not quite right. You may need to look somewhere else if this is the case.

Do not talk so much! If you’re injured, don’t talk to the other party unless it is absolutely necessary. If you need to speak to medical personnel, simply tell them what is hurting and not how it happened. Answering basic medical history questions is acceptable. Never admit fault and don’t offer information to be used against you later.

Interview several potential lawyers before you hire one. You need to know that you’re able to work with the personal injury lawyer of your choice. You must also be sure that they think they can win and show evidence of what it is that makes them think that.

As you weigh whether you ought to file a lawsuit, you should keep several things in mind. Think about whether or not the injury is severe enough to go to file a case. Also, think about how much the injury will cost you; are you going to have expensive medical bills to deal with?accident attorneys

Personal Injury Attorney
Don’t rush when picking a local personal injury attorney for your case. It is a stressful time and you may want to pick a personal injury attorney quickly, but this can be a mistake. Don’t rush the process. The injury attorney for personal injury is important to your case, so get a good, experienced one.

Bring witnesses that were there or who are helping you recover. A witness can help build credibility to your case. Witnesses who have seen your condition and how it is affecting you can also help to influence how the case goes.

The greatest way to prepare for your lawsuit is to learn about what will happen. Speak with lawyers about what’s involved and look online about how the case will develop. The more you know, the more ready you will be for each step, ensuring you’re never caught off guard.

Personal Injury
Regardless of how confident you are about your case, having a personal injury lawyer on your side will significantly help. You may be tempted to settle for a quick resolution, but you may be entitled to much more money.

When it comes to personal injury cases, you shouldn’t settle for a minuscule amount. If someone has injured you, you have recourse. Utilize the personal injury legal information above to get fair compensation.

Red Light Cameras are not Serving Us Well

A recent study has shown that “red light cameras” being installed throughout the state are creating an increased risk of accidents and traffic related fatalities. Reports state that individuals have been shown to “abruptly stop” at intersections equipped with cameras. The report went on to say that the use of these cameras will lead to increased fatalities due to the fact that elderly drivers are more susceptible to lose their life in a traffic accident.traffic tickets - traffic violations attorn ey

Even more startling is the fact that the U.S. House of Representatives has noted in reports almost a decade old, that red light cameras are associated with an increase in accident fatalities. The report further stated that it is common for the timers on lights to be set in such a way as to increase the amount of tickets generated.

Alternative means of improving traffic safety have been suggested by way of engineering improvements, such as the design of roads, signal visibility and an increase in amber length. It is suggested that when comparing the financial interest of the insurance industry with the effectiveness of camera implementation, we should be aware of the following:

Seven major States have already reported increased auto related injuries directly resulting from red light photo systems.

Traffic fatalities attributed to the running of red lights account for less than 4% of traffic fatalities. Intersection related fatalities are 4 times more likely to be attributed to cases other than the running of a red light.

Injuries resulting from running red lights have declined by 33% in under a decade without the use of traffic cameras.

The Transportation Research Counsel has reported that cameras are directly linked to increased auto accident costs.

Major studies that have determined that red light photo systems lead to a reduction of auto accidents have been found to be significantly unreliable. Furthermore, these studies are, in some way or another, tied to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and contained some significant defects in standard data analysis procedures.

Insurance companies are the leading advocate of traffic light camera systems.

A traffic system analyst, is fearful of the effect that such devices will have on our community. “When you look at what is really behind red light photo systems, you have to realize that it is all a hoax. Look a little further and you will certainly be disturbed at the loss of life that follows the implementation of these programs” he says.traffic violation attorney

The analyst is not alone. In fact, many individuals have grown increasingly wary of auto insurance companies following State Representative Ron Reagan’s involvement with the Insurance Campaign Institute. Essentially a training ground for political campaigning, the ICI covers all facets strategic political maneuvering. Reagan, is said to have pushed the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act through after taking part in the program two times. The act allows cities to utilize red light cameras and is considered to his was of paying back the insurance companies that facilitated his getting elected. “As with most things, it comes down to money and power” says the analyst as he shakes his head… “and innocent people getting hurt as a result. More information on this website


Personal injury law, is the legal policy that deals with cases that arise from one person causing harm to another. However, the cases are not intentional, but due to negligence of duty, or maybe ignorance they occur. The arm of personal injury law that specifically deals with these crimes is called tort law. “In case your friend doesn’t put necessary, measures to prevent you from getting hurt during work hours, then sue him. It’s a negligence of duty. “, my friend once told me. At first, I thought he was crazy, but later on I realized that this is the real deal. Furthermore, the compensation is very high (since it’s paid by insurance companies), so why not go for it? Despite all this, the court can only adhere to major tort damages. Those that have an impact on the person who suffered. Don’t expect to get a small bruise cut and file for thousands of dollars, that’s ridiculous. Either way, when cases are genuine, evaluation is done or compensation is due to happen.
personal injury lawyers


To start with, these laws are not limited to physical damage only even any other that results to any form of damage. When someone dents your public image to get even at you, and their claims are not justified, then you are eligible to file for an injury case. Still, compensation will be done if you win the case. However, physical damages are the most common since they have major impacts. They include:

Brain damage.

Physical impairment.

Untimely/wrong death.

Car accident.

Motor bike and bike accidents.

Accidents during work.

Animal bites (pets).


When it comes to filing a case. It can be done on two different ways. These are:

A formal case, is whereby the offender refuses to pay the victim compensation. This obviously will result to a court‘s decision. In case the plaintiff (the damaged person), wins the case, payment has to be done on what the court depicts. If things go way round and the defendant wins. Then the case is dismissed with no compensation.

An informal one, is whereby the offender admits guilty to the hurt person, without any legal proceedings. It’s the most advisable when both are friends in order to prevent squabbles and costs that are involved in hiring lawyers, and paying court fees.personal injury attorneys el paso tx


Personal injury lawyers are legal attorneys who undertake the role of filing for your case in court when either filing for compensation or when charged with a tort law defiance. They attend all meetings and negotiate your winning chances too. However, it’s advisable to get the best-who are normally expensive-in order to achieve the maximum. Usually, both the client and lawyer agree to this fee.

Just to conclude, personal injury is a damage made to another due to ignorance, not intentional. Furthermore, the law does not only cover physical but also emotional and mental damages caused by others to you. When you file a case and expect the best results, it’s always advisable to jeer a personal injury lawyer to represent you in court. They bear the key either to your compensation or loss. Choose wisely too! More information here