Delinquency Cases

A child accused of committing a crime generally finds him or herself in juvenile court as a result of a filing for delinquency. Typically these cases are similar to the charge in adult court. There are some differences in procedure and how to defend these cases, however, and you should be sure to hire someone who is familiar with them.

Our attorneys at Deal & Hooks have experience in juvenile courts handling delinquency cases. We regularly handle things as small as shoplifting and disorderly conduct to the more serious felonious assault, domestic violence and sex cases. We can advise a child and his or her parents as to what to expect, spot any issues and defenses that may be available, and negotiate or try the case as is appropriate. If you are concerned that your child may be facing a potential charge, or if your child has already been charged you should promptly contact an attorney to advise you.

Family law attorney

One of the most difficult things a person can go through is a divorce or a custody dispute. A good family law attorney is someone who can listen, act as a counselor, and give good advice to the client. It is important to know what your rights are before making any agreements, as well as knowing your obligations before you put yourself at risk for failing to meet those obligations.
Our attorneys devote a serious amount of time in family law courts (both Domestic Relations Courts and Juvenile Courts). We have experience with serious issues arising out of everything from custody disputes to handling complex, multimillion dollar property distribution in divorce cases. Additionally, we can handle post-decree modifications and enforcement hearings.

We will handle custody disputes, child support issues, divorce, dissolution, spousal support hearings, and show cause hearings. We are good with everything from simple hearings to complex cases.

Mr. Hooks acts as a court appointed Guardian ad Litem in juvenile cases so he knows how to evaluate different situations and knows what the court is looking for in making determinations about custody and visitation. Additionally, he had the unique position of trying an international custody dispute in Federal Court and Juvenile Court over several years, which was the first Hague case in the Dayton area.

He was successful in keeping the child with his father here in the United States when the child’s mother sought to have him returned to Israel. The case was litigated in both State and Federal Court and even in the United States Court of Appeals. Mr. Hooks was successful in that case at every level.