Domestic Violence – Civil Protection Order Hearings

Ohio law allows for people who are victims of domestic violence to obtain a civil protection order which requires the individual who committed the offense to have no contact with the victim for as long as five years. These orders can have other consequences as well. For example; a person may be barred from owning a firearm, going to establishments where the victim frequents, and if the two live together the person may be banned from his or her own house. Whether you are the victim or being accused of domestic violence you need effective representation to navigate you through the process. Unfortunately, while most claims are valid there are people who know the laws and try to work the system to their advantage so they claim domestic violence when there was none.

Our attorneys have been successful both in obtaining protection orders and in defending them. We have obtained orders following full hearings, and have negotiated consent agreements where the parties agree to have no contact with each other. Likewise, we have been successful when false allegations were made at defending individuals and dismissing the orders, and at minimizing the effects when our clients have committed acts of domestic violence.