Red Light Cameras are not Serving Us Well

A recent study has shown that “red light cameras” being installed throughout the state are creating an increased risk of accidents and traffic related fatalities. Reports state that individuals have been shown to “abruptly stop” at intersections equipped with cameras. The report went on to say that the use of these cameras will lead to increased fatalities due to the fact that elderly drivers are more susceptible to lose their life in a traffic accident.traffic tickets - traffic violations attorn ey

Even more startling is the fact that the U.S. House of Representatives has noted in reports almost a decade old, that red light cameras are associated with an increase in accident fatalities. The report further stated that it is common for the timers on lights to be set in such a way as to increase the amount of tickets generated.

Alternative means of improving traffic safety have been suggested by way of engineering improvements, such as the design of roads, signal visibility and an increase in amber length. It is suggested that when comparing the financial interest of the insurance industry with the effectiveness of camera implementation, we should be aware of the following:

Seven major States have already reported increased auto related injuries directly resulting from red light photo systems.

Traffic fatalities attributed to the running of red lights account for less than 4% of traffic fatalities. Intersection related fatalities are 4 times more likely to be attributed to cases other than the running of a red light.

Injuries resulting from running red lights have declined by 33% in under a decade without the use of traffic cameras.

The Transportation Research Counsel has reported that cameras are directly linked to increased auto accident costs.

Major studies that have determined that red light photo systems lead to a reduction of auto accidents have been found to be significantly unreliable. Furthermore, these studies are, in some way or another, tied to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and contained some significant defects in standard data analysis procedures.

Insurance companies are the leading advocate of traffic light camera systems.

A traffic system analyst, is fearful of the effect that such devices will have on our community. “When you look at what is really behind red light photo systems, you have to realize that it is all a hoax. Look a little further and you will certainly be disturbed at the loss of life that follows the implementation of these programs” he says.traffic violation attorney

The analyst is not alone. In fact, many individuals have grown increasingly wary of auto insurance companies following State Representative Ron Reagan’s involvement with the Insurance Campaign Institute. Essentially a training ground for political campaigning, the ICI covers all facets strategic political maneuvering. Reagan, is said to have pushed the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act through after taking part in the program two times. The act allows cities to utilize red light cameras and is considered to his was of paying back the insurance companies that facilitated his getting elected. “As with most things, it comes down to money and power” says the analyst as he shakes his head… “and innocent people getting hurt as a result. More information on this website

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