Felony DUI

Whether its your first time getting a ticket or if you have been stopped multiple times there is very little that is as frustrating as an officer stopping your car and you leaving with a ticket. Traffic matters can be as serious as a DUI or a hit and run case, or as small as a stop sign violation. It is best to know what defenses, if any, you have available to you before you go to court. Some traffic offenses can carry serious penalties beyond mere monetary fines. Some offenses can carry jail time, loss of your driving privileges, increased insurance premiums, or other ramifications that are long lasting.
Our attorneys have experience handling everything from a speeding ticket trial to a more serious felony DUI or hit and run case. Additionally, we have successfully tried cases in multiple courts. They know how each of the courts operate and can advise you on what to expect. They have experience in reviewing discovery to determine whether there are valid defenses, and in negotiating with the prosecutors to reach satisfactory outcomes for their clients when no defense seems apparent. We have tried cases successfully to both juries and to judges.
Our attorneys approach with their clients is to be thorough in looking at the State’s discovery and talking over what defenses exist. They will go over all possible outcomes; including what he thinks the most likely outcome will be. After giving their recommendation they will discuss options and aggressively represent you to try to obtain your goals.
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