In Ohio any case that carries with it the potential of prison for six months or more is a felony. There are numerous felonies. Everything from murder and rape to theft and drug possession are felonies. A felony carries significant penalties that will stay with you forever. Not only is there the possibility of spending time in prison, but it will also impact your ability to obtain employment, your ability to own a firearm, and your ability to vote. There may be conditions imposed on you in lieu of prison, or once you are released that still restrict your freedom. Felonies may carry life in prison in some circumstances.

Our attorneys have handled felonies of all kinds. We have handled murder cases, sex crimes, felonious assaults, domestic violence, engaging in a patter of corrupt activity, drug possession and drug trafficking cases, kidnapping, theft, grand theft, theft in office, identity fraud, possession of a hoax weapon of mass destruction, and virtually every other type of felony. We have handled felonies in Montgomery, Greene, Clark, Champaign, Miami, Darke, Warren, Butler, Highland, Clermont, Preble, Hamilton, Shelby and Ross Counties.

If you are facing a felony charge you should promptly contact an attorney with experience to help advise you and guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your options. Our initial consultation is free of charge.

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