Delinquency Cases

A child accused of committing a crime generally finds him or herself in juvenile court as a result of a filing for delinquency. Typically these cases are similar to the charge in adult court. There are some differences in procedure and how to defend these cases, however, and you should be sure to hire someone who is familiar with them.

Our attorneys at Deal & Hooks have experience in juvenile courts handling delinquency cases. We regularly handle things as small as shoplifting and disorderly conduct to the more serious felonious assault, domestic violence and sex cases. We can advise a child and his or her parents as to what to expect, spot any issues and defenses that may be available, and negotiate or try the case as is appropriate. If you are concerned that your child may be facing a potential charge, or if your child has already been charged you should promptly contact an attorney to advise you.

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